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Brian Thomas, contemporary music & choir

Brian Thomas grew up in Pittsburgh and graduated from Woodland Hills High School in 1994. I studied music education and theatre and Westminster College of Pennsylvania and met my future wife, Summer Silvieus there. I started my journey as a professional christian musician there as well; simultaneously performing at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in PGH sunday mornings, a baptist gospel choir on campus saturday evenings and the Presbyterian on campus church choir sunday nights. I did not recieve my degree from Westminster but look back on my time there fondly.
    After Summer got her degree in biology we traveled back and forth across the country, (visiting 47 of the States), for a few years working at Yellowstone National Park for three summers and at the Rennaissance fairs in north and south Florida. We eventually settled in the Twin Cities of Minnesota where Summer recieved her doctorate in Botany and I worked as a line cook at TGIFridays, a professional Christmas caroler with two groups, a factory and medical janitor, a machinist and an occasional caterer. I worked almost all of those jobs simultaneously too lol. In addition I was an Elder, musician and actor at North Como Presbyterian Church and I performed  with an Oratorio Society as well as a madrigal group at the local rennaissance festival. I didn't have kids but I did have a burning need to be an active musician and somehow made the time to make it all work . Summer and I got married here in Ohio during this time because of location of family.
      After Summer recieved her Doctorate in Botany from the University of Minnesota we moved to Grand Rapids Michigan where she worked as a professor of biology at Aquinas College. I worked as a line cook at Ruby Tuesdays and as a professional Christmas Caroler as well as serving as a musician at Trinity United Methodist Church. I also sang with the Bach Choral during this time. Summer and I bought a house and started our family while living in Grand Rapids but realized we wanted to raise our sons Tamlin and Jude closer to our extended families in Ashtabula and Pittsburgh.
    That brought us to Vermilion where Summer now works as a botanist at Green Circle Growers, where she oversees the growth of countless orchids and runs her own face painting business and I run my own food cart, work as an occasional chef at the Blind Perch and now serve on the music ministry at Trinity Lutheran Church. Our Family joined Trinity on Palm Sunday 2015 and it is an honor to now serve as a professional musician on the Music Staff. You will see me at both services as a vocalist, I will be fulfilling some of the administrative tasks for the Praise Band and I hope to incorporate youth into the music of both services very soon.

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